A new era is emerging in our data rich world.
The new era demands data driven organisations to meet evolving human needs.

Consulting for the new era

Is your organisation prepared to harness the power of data in this new era?
We are a data-driven consulting company dedicated to helping organisations orchestrate data and intelligence.

We empower IT / Data teams, business intelligence and analytics experts, and business leaders with cutting edge technology solutions.

Our drive is to help you discover the hidden value in data to overcome real-world challenges.
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Approach for value and impact
Paladin (n):
a knight driven by a cause and known for integrity
Today, we embody this meaning in data practices by tackling complex data-related problems within organisations.

We distill insights, leverage intelligence and empower decision makers.
One project, one solution at a time.

Solution first, data driven, tomorrow ready, radically open, human touch.
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Gain a competitive edge with distinctive solutions
Don't wait another day to make a difference in your organization's data capabilities
Create a data quality momentum for modernising organisations
Build a data infrastructure from scratch with TimeXtender and build dashboards with PowerBI in just two weeks
Increase data literacy and understanding of data practices for corporate leaders
Find talented data/analytics practitioners and get them ready for your organisation before employment

Participate in a day-long workshop designing compelling hyperintelligence cards for Microstrategy.
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Castles partnered with our drive
Since 2014, we have delivered over 500.000 hours of project work, building trust

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Meeting your growing needs
As your needs expand, so do our areas of expertise
Data Management and Governance:
Strengthen your data governance strategy with expert guidance on data architecture, quality, and governance

Data Integration and Processing:
Optimize your data management with comprehensive data warehousing, migration, transformation, and automation services
Analytics and Visualisation:
Gain valuable insights into your business performance through advanced visualization, reporting, and data modeling services

Advanced Analytics:
Enhance your decision-making process with predictive, prescriptive, cognitive, and predictive modeling services
Technology and Solutions Management:
Leverage our expertise in technology licensing, solution architecture, technology implementation, and cloud migration

Operations and Project Management:
Ensure seamless and effective technology implementation through project and program management services including pilot projects, transition projects, and operational support.
Talent Management:
Secure top talent with our talent sourcing, acquisition, and near-shoring services

Leadership and learning:
Boost your employees' skills and knowledge through our training, workshops, and retain them with our development services.

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Our certified consultants leverage our strategic partnership with our vendors to deliver transformative solutions
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